Being Different: Balancing Fitting In with Standing Out

Happy weekend!

It is HAWT in Toronto! 10:15AM and already feels like 31 C. Hope you're staying cool wherever you are!

My birthday's on Wednesday and Curtis is organizing a big family BBQ tonight to celebrate. I can't wait to see everyone! There are supposedly a few surprises planned, so I've been asked to stay away from the action, hence me huddling over my laptop trying to be productive :) Why not upload a new video??

I filmed this one last weekend and am so happy to be sharing it with you. It's about being different or feeling unique, either overall or in certain situations, and how we can balance fitting in with standing out to make sure we're being true to ourselves and maximizing our happiness.

Let me know - have you every felt "different" or out of place? How have you used your individuality as a tool?

Wishing you a great weekend!


NEW VIDEO: Life Update!

It has been FOREVER since I've filmed a video and it felt great to get in front of the camera and film a life update. I share an overview of my recent move, job change, Etsy shop, and give insight into my plans for my blog and YouTube channel.

You can subscribe to my YouTube channel here.

Thanks for watching!

A Case for Voting Your Conscience

A Case for Voting Your Conscience

I'm not one to post political posts, let alone about American politics, but the story of Ted Cruz' unwillingness to endorse Donald Trump has me rattled. For those of you who may not know the story, Google it. It's hard to find an article that reads impartial, but this one from CNN lays out the facts well.

I'm not an American, Republican, or political expert. But I strongly oppose the flagrant abuse Cruz is taking for his decision to stand up for himself and his family. His actions went against expectations, yes, but why is that a bad thing? He could have taken the easy route and endorsed Trump, knowing full well that he was lying to the American people and not speaking his truth. Instead, he chose to do the right thing, by his own standards, and stand up for himself

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Testing, testing

Well hello there, blogosphere!

For those who have followed my blog (err... blogs) in the past, yes, I have migrated yet again to a new domain and name.

Not only has my "residence" on the WWW changed, but I have moved from Wordpress to Squarespace. Beautiful templates, greater control over formatting (at least for me!), and awesome customer support - all sounds great, right? Well, factor in one huge omission on my part and the transition has meant that I believe I have lost my email list.

No, it wasn't a large, Brendan Burchard-type mega-list, but it was mighty; a collection of awesome readers who were engaged in my blog and wanted to be part of the discussion.

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Gratitude in Times of Loss

Gratitude in Times of Loss

Over the past few months, my grandfather got sick. His health began to fail severely and he entered palliative care. The family arranged for him to have more dedicated care at the retirement home, with his comfort the priority. Family came in to visit and we all spent as much time with him as we could. The day after his 93rd birthday, he passed away.

Loss is never easy, even with the comfort of knowing the deceased lived a long and happy life. The puzzling thing for me was that the most prominent emotion I felt was one of gratitude. Not gratitude, of course, for his loss, but for all the blessings the situation shone a light on. Blessings that were always there, but never as obvious to me as they became.

At the burial, I saw one of our longest family friends who had driven in from Kingston for the funeral. I gave him a hug and completely broke down. Seeing him there was so incredibly touching, and even thinking of it now makes me tear up. Afterwards, I spoke to my Mom and said how odd it was that seeing him is what made me so emotional, versus the news itself of my grandfather’s passing or consoling my family. Her words summed it up perfectly: β€œIt makes you realize how much love there is in the world.” The fact that people traveled to Toronto, took time off work, and made it a priority to be there for us meant more to me than words can express.

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